Former Sparring Partner Says McGregor ‘Has No Chance’ Vs. Mayweather

  • Rick Chandler


Pretending that Conor McGregor actually has a chance vs. Floyd Mayweather in their fight in August is a pleasant fiction, suitable for boosting PPV numbers and ESPN ratings and not much else. But when you peel back the first layer of idiocy (see: Skip Bayless) and really look at it, you just shake your head.

Chris van Heerden is a former IBO welterweight champion from South Africa who is 25-2-1 — he relinquished his IBO title when he relocated to the U.S. (Los Angeles) last year. One of his new jobs was as sparring partner with McGregor in 2016, when the Mayweather fight was in the early planning stages. Van Heerden talked with TMZ on Wednesday about the fight.

Here’s the condensed version: van Heerden says that even though he was overweight and not in training, he landed punches on McGregor “with ease,” and that Mayweather “will destroy him” when the two meet in Las Vegas.

TMZ, via Larry Brown Sports:

“It’s crazy, I read all these posts where people say Mayweather’s gonna have his hands full landing on Conor because of Conor’s skill and footwork and movement,” van Heerden said. “I’m no Mayweather and — out of camp, out of shape — I landed (punches) on Conor McGregor at will.

“It’s crazy to think people can actually compare a fighter that’s 0-0 in a boxing ring compared to a legend that’s 49-0 and has beaten the best and best in the world.”