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Indiana High School Breaks Out Trump Fatheads To Taunt Latino Opponents

  • Rick Chandler


Andrean High School is a Catholic school in northern Indiana whose motto is “Christ Is Our Teacher.” But Jesus has some explaining to do today — how did he let this get through?

In its boys basketball game against Bishop Noll Institute on Friday, the Andrean rooting section went full Donald Trump — holding up fatheads of The Donald, chanting “Build a wall!” and making other racial references. Bishop Noll is primarily Latino.

It’s the second such known incident at a high school basketball game in the past two weeks. At Perry High School in Perry, Iowa, students pulled a similar stunt directed at a team of mostly Latino players, chanting “Trump!” throughout the game.


Andrean parents were dismayed by the controversy. ABC-7 Chicago:

On social media Saturday, Andrean fans insist it was not their intent to offend and that last night’s USA theme is one they’ve used at other games. They added that the Trump imagery was not meant to be racist.

“The Bishop parents commented on how well the kids were with each other,” Andrean parent George Galanos said. “There was no animosity going on at the game. You had Andrean people mixing and intermingling with Bishop Noll, and Bishop Noll intermingling.”

See? White people and Latino people actually mingling! No racism here.

We also apologize if the words Trump and Fathead seem redundant.