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LFL Player Knocks Out Opponent With One Punch After TD

  • Rick Chandler


Tuesday is the first day of summer — which means nothing much is happening in sports. In baseball, the Astros and Rockies are positioning themselves to meet in the World Series (have fun with that one, TV executives), the College World Series is approaching, and that’s about it.

Oh, except for the Lingerie (sorry, Legends) Football League playoffs. Seeking to capture the public’s imagination in a down time for sports, we get this:

That’s Amanda Hogan of the Omaha Hart dropping RB Sonya Osselborn of the Pittsburgh Rebellion following an Omaha TD.

Is there any group of people more ineffectual than LFL refs? To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld: they’re like Larry of the Three Stooges — you don’t really need him, but it wouldn’t be the same without him.