Lingerie League Football Player Scores TD, Motorboats Fan

  • Rick Chandler

I know they call themselves the Legends League Football now, but that’s something I’ll never get used to — like the Astros being in the American League, or Bruce Jenner shopping at Fly Boutique. So whatever you call it, the LFL seems to have a parity problem — the Seattle Mist beat the Denver Dream 106-0 on Friday, in Seattle.

Yep. But no one seems to mind, because obviously fans are not there for the competition. Example:

That’s Seattle tight end Shea Norton — who celebrated a TD by motorboating that buxom fan.

The LFL has always lived on the fringes, existing in the netherworld of streaming internet and YouTube replay. Founded in 2009, there are currently more defunct franchises (13) than active ones (8), including teams in Austin and Pittsburgh no one knew existed. Yet the league in planning two expansion teams (Washington Warriorettes, Arizona Scorch), and there are companion leagues in Canada and Australia.

But the big question that they will not ask themselves is this: can an adult-fans-only pro sports league survive? I can’t see taking kids to watch this, and without generational appeal, and a TV contract, the LFL will always be that Playboy magazine that a 15-year-old hides under his bed.

But at least we now know that it’s not just for men. Certain women like it too.