Man Is Trampled At Bull Run … Then Trampled Again By Online Commenters

  • Rick Chandler

Being trampled and gored by bulls is not just for Pamplona, Spain, anymore. The iconic Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin Festival has been copied at many American locations, as you may know. One of these is The Great Bull Run in Pleasanton, CA — a small town in Northern California southeast of San Francisco, across the bay.

In this one they set loose a bunch of bulls in a corral at the Alameda County Fairgrounds (no bullfights, though), and imbeciles pay to get in there and run around with them. One such dunce was Justin Triplett of Vacaville, who on Saturday was trying to video himself near a bull when he got trampled.

Triplett told KPIX-TV that he was recording his run with his phone.

“I took my phone out to start recording backwards as I was running away,” Triplett told the television station. “The next thing I remember is that the crowd that was behind me dispersed, and I looked back and realized the bull was probably 10, five yards away from me.”

Triplett landed in the hospital, but he’ll recover. Sympathy for him, however, was in short supply in the comments section.

We are laughing at you, not with you.
17 minutes ago

“Thank you guys for all the support.” – don’t thank me, i’m not supporting you. you are a fool. if i was your boss i’d fire you. if i was your parents i’d disown you. if i was your kid i’d run away. if i was your dog i’d run away with the kid. if i was your cat i’d pee in your coffee – daily or whenever i got the chance.
21 minutes ago

Is it still a Darwin Award if the idiot doesn’t die?
23 minutes ago

Best part, from the news report: “Justin is going to take a week off of work to recover, then he’s going to run in the ‘Tough Mudder’, which is a run through barbed and electrified wire, and cold water.”