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Only One Week In, There Are Already Big Changes For The Big 3 League

  • Rick Chandler


So we’re one week into the Big 3 League three-on-three basketball season, and we’ve already got three significant injuries. Jason Williams will miss six to eight months after suffering a knee injury, and Corey Maggette’s leg injury will require surgery. There’s no word so far on when, or if, he’ll return. Chicago Tribune:

And, in the final game, Kenyon Martin was forced to sit with a hamstring injury after reaching for a loose ball β€” an injury Martin said he’d never suffered before in his life. Everyone involved, however, said age had nothing to do with these injuries.

But these aren’t exactly top-conditioned young athletes we’re dealing with. Ice Cube’s new league deals in former greatness and nostalgia. Sure it’s halfcourt basketball, and I’d imagine that many of the players are in shape. But many are not. Probably some went right from the sofa to the court when they got the call.

Round 2 is Sunday, July 2, with the four games in Charlotte, NC at the Spectrum Center. But there’s already a big rule change. In the first round games were played to 60 points, but that’s been trimmed to 50, with halftime coming when the first team reaches 25 points.

Cube said that would help the four games per day move more quickly, but let’s be real. It’s probably to cut down on injuries.

Here are rosters, schedule, and how to watch.

What really needs to be fixed, however, is figuring out a way to watch the games live. FS1 broadcast the games on a one-day taped delay, after ESPN already showed highlights. Predictably, they got whomped in the ratings (going against the NBA Awards didn’t help).