Poor Schmuck Tries To Rob Female MMA Fighter, Gets Worked, Humiliated

  • Rick Chandler

In a lot of ways Brazil is the home of Mixed Martial Arts — there are dozens of disciplines invented or developed there, and fighting studios are everywhere. That makes it a dangerous place to try and make your living as a thief. Monique Bastos was on her way home from the gym with a friend in Acailandia, Brazil, on Tuesday when two guys rode up on motorcycles and tried to rob them of their cell phones. Bastos noticed that neither seemed to be armed, so it was on.

To begin with, Bastos lifted the rear of the motorcycle and dumped the two guys onto the street. Damn. That’s when one of the crooks smartly took off running. The other was not so lucky.

Bastos was on the way home from jiu-jitsu training. She is also a professional MMA fighter and is an expert in jiu-jitsu. She got the would-be robber in a rear-naked choke hold and took him to the sidewalk, where she held him for police with a triangle choke hold. That looks unpleasant, but it takes a special kind of street thief to whine and plead like that.

Wesley Sousa de Araujo was arrested 15 minutes later.

“I was going to my jiu-jitsu training when they arrived on a motorcycle and said they wanted our phones,” Bastos told MMAFighting.com. “I tried to hold my phone, and I realized they were not armed. When they tried to escape, I lifted the rear wheel of the bike and they fell on the ground. The guy who took my phone ran away, but I was able to get the other one.”

And this wasn’t the first robbery that Bastos has spoiled.

“I’ve been through this a few times before, and it’s the second time I fought back,” she said. “There were two guys, and they were using knives, but I was able to use my jiu-jitsu and get my phone back. It’s a huge risk, but I did it to defend myself and my friends, so I used what I learned.”