Pornhub Will Plow Your Street For Free — If You Live In Boston

  • Rick Chandler

Just as the Founding Fathers envisioned, America’s premiere porn destination will assist the government in snow removal in Boston and New Jersey communities this year. Yes, PronHub has its own fleet (I guess) of snow plows, and will service lonely stepmoms, and others, free of charge during continuing showstorms this year.

How will the government help us in other areas?

“School lunches will now include edible underwear.”

One can contact Pornhub at the email address,, in the MA, NJ and NY who want to get snow removal service, or, as Pornhub calls it, “get plowed courtesy of Pornhub.”

“The team will be monitoring the email vigilantly around the clock, ensuring as many requests are met as possible,” the company continued.

“Of the two dozen we’ve contracted, each will be going out based on request,” Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said, in regard to the snow plows. “Each truck has been prepared since last night and have been plowing through Stella since early this morning.”