Ranking The Best Taylor University ‘Silent Night Game’ Costumes

  • Rick Chandler

In case you missed it, Taylor University had its 19th annual Silent Night Game this past Friday, and this one was no less raucous and bizarre than its predecessors.

For the uninitiated, Taylor — a faith-based liberal arts college in Upland, IN, that plays in the NAIA’s Crossroads League — fills the gym with costumed fans on the Friday before finals week in December. The fans remain totally silent until the home team scores its 10th point. Then bedlam erupts.

In the 1980s fans attended the game in their pajamas, until the Silent Night/10th point component was added in 1997. Fans then began showing up in costume — making the game a massive, demented Halloween party.

Here are the seven best (according to me) costumes from Friday’s game:

1. Richard Simmons. Never not great.


2. Teletubbies.


3. Random Terrifying Rabbit.


4. Super Mario Bros.


5. Old Spice Guy.


6. Classic Bobby Knight.


7. Gumby, maybe?

SNgumby copy

Taylor beat Ohio 100-50.