Sepak Takraw AKA Kick Volleyball Is Your New Favorite Sport

  • Joe Polito

In Southeast Asia they play volleyball, but with their feet. In Thailand it’s known as sepak takraw, and it’s easily the craziest sport I’ve ever seen. Just watch this clip of a match between … uh … the green team and blue team. These foot volleys are mesmerizing and make the nerds playing hacky sack at lunch out in the quad look like underachieving pieces of shit.

So basically these dudes do multiple backflips on every play and have to be able to snap their feet above their heads in a split second. No big deal. The game apparently dates back to the 15th century and allows players to use their chest, knees and feet to keep the ball in play. I could bore you with more rules and facts about the game, but instead I’ll just show you this incredible GIF.

The guy in the white bandana goes into backflip motion like he’s Law from Tekken, only to change his mind and tap the ball past his defender. The slow motion captures it perfectly.

And now, just because Getty has them available, here are a few shots of the most intense player from the United States Sepak Takraw Championships in 1990 and 1991. This guy puts the raw in takraw, baby.

[h/t to Reddit Sports]