Stephen A. Smith Defends His Support Of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Despite The Whole Woman Punching Thing

  • Jake O'Donnell

We all have a choice as to the athletes we root for. After our provincial ties and any personal connections, we pick our favorites based on a mixture of their abilities and personalities, weighed against any particularly heinous crimes in their past. Let’s be honest — we all look past some of the horrible shit athletes do just because we want to like them. That being said, I have no idea how anyone pulls for Floyd Mayweather Jr. without knowing full well how that reflects on their character.

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t get it.

Tightrope walking a terrible position today on First Take, Stephen A. half admonished Mayweather for his 12-year history of abusing women and while pretending like those seven assault charges aren’t bad enough to make him not like the guy.

“I can’t condone what this man has been accused of but in fairness to Floyd Mayweather,” Stephen A. said. “Their camp will sit there and say to you — and Floyd has said this to me on more than one occasion — ‘Y’all act like Manny Pacquiao is so innocent.'”

Way to justify your support of a terrible human being — who punches women in the top of their heads to as to not leave bruises — by falsely equivocating domestic violence with tax evasion.

It’s one thing to not “condone what this man has been accused of,” but it’s entirely something else to use that man’s deflection of said charges (many of which have been substantiated by a court of law) to explain why you’re ok with being his most vocal fan.

Smith was responding to Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, who claims that Pacquiao is fueled by Mayweather’s seven domestic violence raps. When First Take host Cari Champion offered her opinion that Mayweather is, in fact, a bonafide scumbag, Smith dug himself deeper into a hole saying, “You’re a woman, you should feel that way.”

Guys, what aren’t we getting here. Domestic violence is not a gender specific issue — it’s a problem within the entire human race. Is Stephen A. Smith saying that he doesn’t need to be as offended by Mayweather’s horrific past of beating woman because he’s a man? The hell kind of 1950s logic is that?

STEPHEN A. SMITH: “When you go into what freddie roach believes and what he alludes to manny pacquiao feeling and how there’s the spiritual conversion and all of this other stuff, what makes me uncomfortable is that they’re also lumping all of this other stuff that, you know, floyd mayweather allegedly has done to say, ‘well, you know what? look at how much of a bad guy he is.’ when you take the position that you take, cari, against — i got no problems with this, you’re a woman, you should feel that way — anybody else, based on what he’s been accused of, i get that. i have no issue whatsoever.”

CARI CHAMPION: “i definitely have an issue because of his domestic violence record. i also have an issue how he treats women period outside of the ring. i have a problem with who he is.”

STEPHEN A. SMITH: “that’s fine. i’m saying that her position is clear. because she’s a woman and this is how she feels how he conducts himself. i am a boxing fan. i’m thinking — when i talk out mayweather versus pacquiao, i’m thinking about two dudes strictly in the boxing ring. Freddie roach takes this to another level where anybody that’s rooting for floyd mayweather, it’s almost like, ‘what kind of a person are you?'”

I dunno dude, what kind of person are you? Because it sounds like you’re the kind of person that prioritizes boxing “tacticians” over “not being a complete psychopath.”

Jake O'Donnell

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