Stereo Bus Is Filled With Awesome

  • Rick Chandler

… and, we’re guessing, booze.

As if a bus made to look like a boom box isn’t great all by itself, Stereo Bus also glows in the dark. Bitchin’.

It’s creator actually calls it Rockbox, and he’s trying to sell it on Craigslist. It was built by Derek Wunder of Mendocino, CA, who converted his ’87 Dodge van and describes the result as a “well respected vehicle in the burning man community.” Say no more.

Buzz Patrol:

It was constructed on a 1 ton 1987 automatic Dodge van and can carry approximately 50 people when both floors are loaded. It boasts a number of unique features like a 10kw onboard generator, inbuilt DJ decks, a rotating LED beacon antennae and dazzling exterior LED lighting to name but a few. The ROCKBOX’s sound system is sold separately and it requires a 1 ton diesel truck or larger for transportation.

OK, fire it up.