The Presidents Cup Streaker Speaks: Says She Did It For Women Everywhere

  • Rick Chandler

Now we know: the Presidents Cup streaker from Sunday is Kim Webster, 23, from Plainville, MA. She bolted onto the course at Muirfield in front of Fred Couples and hundreds of spectators — not to mention a TV audience — because, she said, there are a lack of women streakers.

“I did some online research on the top streakers of all time and they seemed to be all men,” Webster told WZLX Radio this morning. “So I decided to try and change that.”

Webster actually tweeted to SportsGrid this morning, asking us to follow her, and revealed that she did not, in fact, get away cleanly. Cops eventually caught up to her, and she was cited.

WZLX audio here.

From E Online:

“The day before, it started as a joke. I mentioned it and thought it’d be funny,” she told radio DJs Karlson and Mackenzie. “I got home, did some research on the top streakers of all time and they seemed to be all men. I thought, let’s try to change this. This will be funny. This will be epic. It’s internationally broadcasted…I just wish I had the flag the whole time.

“They did end up getting me yesterday,” Kim confessed, nixing rumors that she managed to sneak out of the club. “They brought me in, I wasn’t in handcuffs or anything. I walked away with a $100 misdemeanor. It’s rough, I’m trying to raise money for it actually.”

Photos here, many NSFW.