Things You Didn’t Know: You Can Get A Big Penalty For Hitching A Ride With Another Driver During An F-1 Race

  • Rick Chandler

Well, OK, things that I didn’t know.

Formula One officials on Saturday reminded two drivers that their cars are not to be used as a taxi service, penalizing both Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso for shenanigans during the Singapore Grand Prix. Webber, running fourth on the next-to-last lap, had to abandon his car when it caught fire. If that were you or I out on the highway, we’d hope that another driver would come along and give us a lift.

That’s just what fellow driver Fernando Alonso did — slowing his car so that Webber could hop on. Webber rode on the side of the car back to the pits.


Alonso finished second behind Sebastian Vettel: the incident apparently not affecting the outcome.

F-1 officials were not amused, however.

Although it was seen as a kind gesture by just about everyone else, the move hasn’t gone down well with the stewards and both drivers have been reprimanded with Webber’s coming at a cost.

As it’s the Australian’s third offence of the year, he received a 10-place grid penalty for the Korean Grand Prix.

Webber broke article 30.9(b) of the sporting regulations which states he “entered the track without the marshal’s permission between the commencement of the formation lap and the time when the last car enters parc ferme”.

Alonso, meanwhile, “drove the car in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person.

“In this case, two cars had to take avoiding action as a result.”

Webber responds:

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