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This Chris Christie Sand Sculpture Wins Fourth Of July Weekend

  • Rick Chandler


Our aim here is not to get political — who knows, if we were privy to all the details, maybe we’d be part of the 15 percent of New Jersey voters who approve of Chris Christie.

But when we see art and craftsmanship such as this, we have to share it.

As you know, Christie closed a state beach during Fourth of July weekend due to a government budget standoff, and immediately took the opportunity to storm that beach for a private day of recreation with his family. This didn’t sit well with many, setting tongues wagging and releasing thousands of Twitter memes into cyberspace.

But there’s nothing like good, old-fashioned sand sculptures to get to the heart of an issue. Behold:

I wasn’t going to post any of the memes, but since this one actually made me laugh out loud …

UPDATE: I found something in this Christie meme:

Never forget …