This Fat Guy Dancing Is So Many Kinds Of Wrong, It Has To Be Right (Video)

  • Rick Chandler

This is a few months old, but it’s just come to my attention on YouTube and frankly I can’t stop watching it. Who would have thought that a fat guy taking a step aerobics class on vacation would have such mesmerizing dance moves?

Some commenters are calling foul, lamenting that they shouldn’t have been filming him and that there is no such thing as privacy in society these days, and other such nonsense. But it’s clear that this guy sees all of the people taking video with their cell phones, and he just doesn’t care. He is getting down and living the dream.

And that swimsuit could not be any smaller and still be legal, I don’t care what country this is in.

I kind of feel sorry for the little girl though. Sorry you had to see that, dear.