Tony Danza Will Not Let NBC Cut Away Because He Wants To Tell The 'Danza' Backstory They Just Told

  • Jake O'Donnell

By now, the story of the 9-1 Derby favorite, “Danza,” has been told about 200,000 times. That’s because the name is a hilariously obvious tribute to Tony Danza, of Taxi, Who’s The Boss?, and the short lived The Tony Danza Show, and everyone wants to know the connection between the two.

One last time, NBC decided to run through the story of how Danza’s owners came up with his name, followed up by asking the man himself, Tony Danza, what he thought. The segment was meant to be a quick “I’m honored, good luck” type of interview, but the human Danza just couldn’t help himself from hamming it up.

Watch as Kenny Rice, the guy interviewing him, continually tries to send it back to the guys in the booth, only to awkwardly have to acknowledge that Tony…is…still…talking.