Tour de France Pro Tips From Mark Cavendish: If You Don’t Like A Journalist’s Questions, Just Steal His Tape Recorder

  • Rick Chandler

It’s been an interesting Tour de France for Mark Cavendish. During Tuesday’s Stage 10, he collided with Tom Veleers, knocking the Dutch rider out of the race. On Wednesday, someone sprayed Cavendish with urine during a time trial. (I hate when that happens). Then today, he was outsprinted over the last 100 meters of Stage 12 by Germany’s Marcel Kittel, and finished second.

But it was following Tuesday’s Stage 10 that the greatness occurred. Cavendish was being interviewed by a gaggle of reporters, and one asked him about the crash with Veleers. This apparently angered Cavendish, who proceeded to take the questioning reporter’s tape recorder.

The reporter was later identified by a witness as Jamey Keaten of the Associated Press, who describes himself on his Twitter page as an “AP reporter based in Paris specializing in politics, foreign affairs, defense, security, and intermittently, cycling.”

A reporter who specializes in defense and security has his voice recorder stolen by an interview subject? Ha.

It’s hard to make out what exactly is being said in the video, but I can hear this part, by Keaten: “Why are you taking my tape recorder? Mark, I want my tape recorder back please.”

From ITV4:

Asked if the crash was his fault, Cavendish snapped, saying: “Was what my fault?” and then disappeared inside the team bus with the tape recorder, which was later returned by the team’s press officer.


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