Warrior Lacrosse Commercial Unapologetically Sells Douchebag Lifestyle, Gear

  • Jake O'Donnell

Say what you will about baseball — it’s boring, dangerous, out-dated — but it’s certainly not elitist. Lacrosse is a sport that is (almost) solely played by upper-middle class kids from wealthy blue states, synonymous with the much maligned entitled suburban frat bro/lax bro culture. In short: the Codys of the world. These guys.

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that (cough) — it’s just funny to see a sporting goods company like Warrior selling its gear hitched to a punchline-lifestyle brand. It’d be like selling lipstick specifically to snotty rich girls. Sure, it’s compelling to 13-year-old kids who are sick of baseball and even sicker of not getting girls — but it’s also obnoxious to sell a product with the promise “you’ll be swimming in pussy, bro.”

(Our words, not Warrior’s.)

This commercial is pathetic.

(Also our words, not Warrior’s.)

Then there’s some kid back flipping off a cliff at his dad’s lake house because he owns a dealership and he’s in Antigua right now at a conference. Paaaaaaaartaaaaay!!!

Also, Josh Hawkins gets MAAAAAD SLIZZZ, brosif. It’s all in the stick.

Also, this stick will get you into THE SICKEST CONCERTS where even flurry-bros nail major league tail. BUY OUR SHIT, CONNOR!

Screencaps via YouTube