‘WTF’ High School T-Shirts Causing Controversy For Some Reason

  • Rick Chandler

At North Pointe Prep in Phoenix, they want you to know “We’re The Falcons”. But controversy is swirling over the T-shirts worn by students in PE classes and at school sports events, which read in large letters: ‘WTF’, and in smaller letters ‘We’re The Falcons’. Some parents want to know, WTF is up with that?

Student prank? Actually, the shirts were designed by the school’s principal.

Richard Gow, the principal of the charter school, declined to comment on the shirts and instead set up ABC News with a conference call with seniors Cameron Pinches, Phil Briggs IV and Raymond Brannon.

“Just because it sounds like something, doesn’t mean that’s what it is,” Briggs told ABC News.

Pinches said people who are seeing a rude message “are putting those thoughts into it. It says clearly says ‘We Are The Falcons.’”

I’d love for Gow’s next job to be president of Furman University.