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Yes, Michael Phelps Has Jumped The Shark By Planning To Race One

  • Rick Chandler


Sorry folks, but here’s a major spoiler. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, in top Olympic form, Michael Phelps could swim at a top speed of 6 miles per hour — which is incredibly fast for a human, and a lot speedier than I could run.

A Great White Shark, on the other hand, can swim 25 mph — 35 in short bursts. So when Phelps races a Great White, which Discovery says he’ll do on July 26 to kick off their Shark Week Marathon, he doesn’t stand a chance. Nothing’s going to stop you from betting on Phelps in Vegas, however, so carry on.

Yes, a stupid stunt: like Usain Bolt racing a horse, or Mayweather-McGregor. Perhaps they’ll make it interesting by drugging the shark like a Seaworld killer whale, or doing the same to Phelps.