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You Didn’t Think We’d Get Through T-Ball Season Without One Big Parent Fight, Did You?

  • Rick Chandler


After all, Trump is President — and I’m not saying that there’s direct cause and effect, but it’s the way we seem to be going.

Many torn stretch pants here. Hopefully Walmart has a sale.

In Cortez Colo., you may have heard about a wild brawl between parents at a, wait for it … girls’ T-Ball game (laugh track). It was so intense that police had to be called, and one woman was cited.

She appeared in court today.

My favorite graph from The Journal story:

Myra Yellowhorse, a spectator from Shiprock, New Mexico, posted a short video of the incident to Facebook that had received about 12,000 views by Thursday afternoon. The video shows several women kicking and dragging MacAulay, who appeared to be trying to grab one of them by the hair.

“Keesha! Stop!”