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Nationals Closer Sean Doolittle: You Can Ask Him Anything

Nationals Closer Sean Doolittle: You Can Ask Him Anything
  • Scott Engel

The Washington Closer On Everything From Ninth Inning Pressure to Why He Liked the Newest Star Wars movie better than you, and how to help our veterans more

Washington Nationals closer Sean Doolittle is truly one of the most interesting interviews in all of Major League Baseball. He enjoys candidly speaking on a wide variety of topics, and is not one to offer tired sound bites or cliches like many other players. You can ask Doolittle just about anything, and I did here in this exclusive interview. His answers are always highly insightful, unique and often informative. Listen below as I cover a wide variety of topics with him, including these and more.

-His genuine reaction to being traded from Oakland to Washington last July.

-Returning to the East Coast, not too far from where he grew in New Jersey, and more notably, Washington, where he would spend offseason vacations with his wife during his Oakland days

-Why being a closer takes a different mental approach than pitching in any other Major League role.

-Entering this season, Fangraphs noted that no qualified reliever this decade had come even close to the 46% O-Swing rate that Doolittle compiled. He talks about how he was able to achieve such a stat.

-Doolittle throws his fastball 88 percent of the time, yet still manages to dominate. He explains why he relies so heavily on one pitch and why it works so well for him. His very deceptive delivery may have something to do with it.

-Doolittle liked Star Wars: The Last Jedi more than many others did, He saw it three times. He tells us why. Doolittle actually goes by the handle “Obi-Sean Kenobi” on Twitter and his avatar (seen below) has him carrying Yoda on his back, like Luke Skywalker did in The Empire Strikes Back. He also touches on the new Solo movie.

doolittle twitter

-The charities Doolittle works with to help veterans, such as Operation Finally Home, and how we need to do a better job of taking care of our veterans.

Listen here to Scott Engel’s exclusive interview with Sean Doolittle

AP Featured Image: Kathy Willens