Chinese Gamer Headbutts His Monitor In Anger

Chinese Gamer Headbutts His Monitor In Anger
  • Matt Hempstead

We’ve all gotten frustrated while playing video games. Whether it’s when your player drops a pass in Madden, or if your teammate feeds in League of Legends, the end result is usually a controller toss. Maybe a face-palm or a head-desk with colorful profanities thrown in.

In a Chinese internet cafe, a gamer was playing League of Legends with his teammates. He apparently became so frustrated that he headbutt his monitor.

The result was his head going clean through the screen.

With help from staff, the gamer eventually removed the less-than-functional monitor from his head leaving behind a massive hole.

euewk62czbiq6savo0lpWith blood trickling down his neck and residual frustration with his crew, the gamer was taken to the hospital. His relationship with his pals and the internet cafe, probably slightly worse off as well.

In other bizarre displays of gamer rage, this guy decided to take a katana to his gaming set-up.

You can quickly see his anger subside as a wave of regret takes over.

Maybe lets just leave our monitors alone and go back to the days of whipping controllers across the room, or simply turning off the console.