Crazy Series Of Headshots Cues Astralis Comeback Over FaZe

  • Matt Hempstead

This might be the most insane thing I’ve witnessed watching CounterStrike:Global Offensive, but first let me set the scene.

The Grand Finals of IEM Katowice featured Atlanta 2017 Major winners ‘Astralis’ taking on ‘FaZeClan’ with a new roster. FaZe recently acquired Mousesports star player NiKo, but without a lot of practice with the new roster, they weren’t expected to reach the finals. Adding to the storylines, FaZe’s in-game leader Karrigan was transferred from Astralis to FaZe late in 2016 giving him a shot at revenge.

It all started in FaZe’s favour. On the first map of Cache, picked by Astralis, FaZe opened with a strong T-side. They carried that over into a map 1 win in which Astralis looked shaky and FaZe won all the clutches.

Map 2… This is where everything changed. Through the first half, FaZe led by a 9-6 margin. Fast forward to round 21. Astralis were saving for their next gun round but that didn’t stop dupreeh from going off with his Desert Eagle.

He hits the first shot while still feeling the affects of a flash-bang. Then he drills two long-range head shots just to follow it up with a third. After all that, he has the where-with-all to find the last FaZe member and head-shot him as well.

That was the momentum shift Astralis needed as it broke the bank of FaZe, and Astralis went on to win Overpass. The following two maps narrowly went Astralis’ way as they won yet another tournament. The current roster of Astralis has been together for 6 events. They’ve been to 5 finals and have won 3 titles. But if not for the Deagle ace by dupreeh, this tournament could have very well gone the way of FaZe.