Doublelift Looks To Solidify Team Liquid’s Roster.

Doublelift Looks To Solidify Team Liquid’s Roster.
  • Matt Hempstead

This isn’t the first time he’s shocked the world.

In a move that nobody saw coming, Team Liquid announced that they had acquired Doublelift for the remainder of the spring split. The former TSM and CLG AD Carry had previously announced that he would sit out the spring split to stream and take a break from competitive play. His intention was to return to TSM for the summer split. According to Team SoloMid, the plan is still for Doublelift to tryout for the ADC position come summer, but for now it appears that the drive to compete was too much to keep DL out for the entirety of spring.

This move makes a lot of sense for every party involved…

For Team Liquid, they’re 3-9 and tied for last in the NA LCS with only 6 games left in the season. Their odds of making the playoffs are slim to none…but it is still possible. The sixth place team is currently Immortals at 5-7 who have looked shaky as of late. Another down-trending team is FlyQuest but they’re sitting in third at 7-5. TL will likely need to go at least 4-2 down the stretch and get help from IMT, Echo Fox and Team Dignitas. Only one game behind eighth place DIG, a more realistic game-plan is to avoid relegations and escape the bottom two. Neither of these scenarios seemed possible with an unproven collegiate marksman like Youngbin.

If acquiring Doublelift wasn’t enough, they went out and got Phoenix1 support Adrian. According to Team Liquid’s Facebook page, Adrian won’t start this week and they’ve yet to decide who will play for the remainder of the season. The split definitely hasn’t gone Liquid’s way but they’re clearly committed to finishing strong and avoiding relegations.

For TSM, the move gets their star ADC back into the competitive groove prior to the summer split. The rust won’t be there, the solo queue mindset will be diminished, and TSM should be able to compete and regain their form with Doublelift immediately, if they choose to take him back.

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For Doublelift, he simply loves the competitive scene and more importantly he loves to win. He can’t stand that his final performance was a loss at the World Championships. This may not be the ideal situation for Double. A losing team with chemistry problems and playing with a highly criticized support, but if he somehow turns around Team Liquid, it builds his legacy even further. When you look at Team Liquid’s roster now, it might be the most talented team in the LCS. Doublelift joins Piglet and Reignover, and if the team can quickly figure out how to play together, they’re a team to watch down the stretch.