Doublelift’s Team Liquid Debut Was Good…But Also Bad

Doublelift’s Team Liquid Debut Was Good…But Also Bad
  • Matt Hempstead

After announcing on Tuesday that he would join Team Liquid for the remainder of the spring split, it was finally time for Doublelift to hit the rift with his new team. Against Cloud9, DL was targeted in picks and bans. In the very first game he drew Varus, Ashe and Sivir target bans and on top of that, Sneaky early picked Ezreal. That left Doublelift with Jhin, a champion that he’s played plenty of in solo queue but isn’t really known for. Regardless, he was on point. His deadly flourishes were accurate and he displayed great patience with curtain call. Still, the highlight from the game which TL eventually lost was Doublelift’s death to an unlikely opponent.

The death didn’t matter in the grand scheme of the game but it’s not something you see outside of solo queue.

Then came game 2…

Cloud9 did not ban Draven and DL picked him. Despite the threat via twiter, the end result was another TL loss with Double going 2/5/2.

The next opponent was the much easier Team EnVyUs, who Doublelift, in his old trash talking ways, said they would beat easily.

It wasn’t overly easy but TL did win. Although Doublelift didn’t help the cause in game 1.

Although not intentional, the auto attack on the plant sent his teammate to his immediate death. In game 3, Doublelift showed that he could still carry. On his comfortable Ezreal pick, DL went 8/1/10 to give Team Liquid a huge win over EnVy.

TL definitely looked like a better team with Double on the roster. They were competitive against C9 and came out on top against EnVy. It’s not just Doublelift’s mechanical prowess that makes them better, but his ability to add another shot-calling voice. A playoff spot is still off in the distance but for a team that only had a day of practice with the new roster, they’ve already surpassed expectations.