Engaged LoL Player Drops Best Interview Answer Post-Victory

Engaged LoL Player Drops Best Interview Answer Post-Victory
  • Matt Hempstead

The beauty of a post-game interview is that you gain insight into what an athlete or a professional gamer is thinking directly after a win or loss. One of the standard questions is “What are you going to do after the win/loss.” A lot of the time the answer is a cliche such as “Go spend time with my family,” or “I’M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!” Well, at the League of Legends College Championship, Maryville University took down the University of Toronto three games to one as they defended their title from last year.

After the victory, their jungler “Walrus” waltzed to the stage to take part in an interview. He was inevitably asked the previously alluded to question but his answer was a little different.

The man definitely has confidence although he may be just a little too truthful. Regardless, the tease to a lovely evening is a nice change of pace from the answers that are given on repeat. And of course, the emotionally-charged Twitch chat absolutely loved it.

Following his penta-kill in game 4, Walrus definitely deserved whatever was to come later that night.