FlyQuest Has Fallen, And They’re Not Getting Up

FlyQuest Has Fallen, And They’re Not Getting Up
  • Matt Hempstead

For a team that once shook off the expectation of being in relegations, their recent performances suggest they belong there. FlyQuest started the season 6-1 with convincing victories over Phoenix 1 and Counter Logic Gaming. Since then, they’ve gone 1-6 with their only win coming over last place Team EnVyUs. So what’s changed? How does a team so quickly go from the top of the standings to falling quickly towards the bottom?

Part of it is their opposition. In the past 7 games they’ve had to face Cloud 9 twice, along with TSM and P1. So in their last 7 they’ve had losses to the top 3 teams in North America. Teams that are hands down  more talented than FLY. In addition, the rest of league is improving while FLY is standing pat. Teams with new rosters such as Dignitas and P1 are starting to put it together and understand how to play as a team. As team chemistry and game play improves, FlyQuest slowly falls behind.

In addition, they’re starting to go with several weird picks that haven’t worked out. Moon has now played Shaco twice, resulting in two losses and a 0.20 KDA. His Evelynn pocket pick, although better, has only netted him a 2-3 record. The weird picks are surprising considering he has an 85% win rate in the 2017 NA LCS on a meta jungler like Kha’Zix.

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Altec has recently pulled out the Mordekaiser ADC. It worked initially against a team like EnVy but was exploited and abused by P1. The all in bot lane of Mordekaiser and Maokai support (yes Maokai support…) failed miserably as a Meteos early gank set the lane behind early.

From the outside, it seems like FlyQuest is forcing. Rather than trying to win with standard picks and their aggressive shot-calling, they’re now relying on cheese picks that have been busts more often than not.

All of a sudden, FLY is 7-7 and tied for fifth. They have a one game lead over IMT and DIG who are both coming off of impressive weeks. The possibility of them missing the playoffs is reasonably high, especially with matches against TSM and CLG next week.

So FlyQuest might not be in relegations, but they might be part of a massive collapse in which they miss out on the playoffs.