Fnatic Shares Footage Of xPeke’s Legendary Backdoor

Fnatic Shares Footage Of xPeke’s Legendary Backdoor
  • Matt Hempstead

In honor of the ongoing IEM Katowice tournament, Fnatic posted a video on their Facebook page from a POV perspective when they took part in the tournament four years ago. And it’s amazing. Before we show you the new footage, here’s the play that will be forever remembered.

xPeke somehow manages to backdoor SK Gaming’s nexus by dodging Olaf axes and riftwalking away from the enemy. To this day, whenever someone pulls of a backdoor play, it’s referred to as an ‘xPeke’.

55 minutes in and FNC had just lost a team fight, the game was hanging in the balance and xPeke goes for it all. Here’s the footage from behind the team as the play unfolds.

So that’s what one of the most memorable plays in League of Legends history looks like from behind the scenes. Some people rank it as the most hype play of all-time, and it’s hard to argue after watching this.

Since then xPeke has gone on to do great things, such as appear in Gillette commercials. Shaving hair off your face and shaving the remaining HP of the nexus. Natural pairing.