Former NHL Player Theo Fleury Is Inside Madden 18

Former NHL Player Theo Fleury Is Inside Madden 18
  • Matt Best

That’s not a typo. Former NHL star Theo Fleury is inside Madden 18. No, you can’t play as Fleury. No, he’s not hidden in the stands. In fact, you’ll never physically “see” Fleury.

Instead, you’ll hear his words.

In case you didn’t know, Fleury has created a country music career for himself. Back in 2015, Fleury released his debut album titled I Am Who I Am. His first single titled “My Life’s Been a Country Song” was successful on Soundcloud.

Jumping into the hype of Madden 18, Fleury made a song specifically for the Longshot game mode appropriately titled, you guessed it –


While Phil Deschambault is the voice you’ll hear, you’ll be listening to a song that Fleury co-wrote. Deschambault has a lower voice that compliments the happier and upbeat melody composed. While the song is about the game mode in which you try and crack an NFL roster from the very beginning, the lyrics also mirror Fleury’s life in the NHL. At 5’6”, many players don’t succeed in the NHL but Fleury found a way with his gritty play and heart-and-soul attitude to become a seven-time All-Star.

In speaking to ESPN, Fleury spoke about his plans for the song and how he’d like it to impact the listener and himself. “I want to feel some vulnerability from the person I’m listening to. I want to know something about them,” said Fleury. “I’ve got lots of material. It’s funny, because most people come to our shows out of pure curiosity. The other people are people who have experienced trauma in their lives. I know that both groups leave with a lot of hope and inspiration and they’re pleasantly surprised at the kind of stuff that we put out there.”

You can listen to the song on Spotify as well as iTunes.

Madden 18 is now available.