G2 Esports’ “PerkZ” Opens Up in Reddit AMA.

G2 Esports’ “PerkZ” Opens Up in Reddit AMA.
  • Matt Hempstead

G2 Esports is coming off their best international result to date and look to keep the ‘G2 era’ going into the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split. Even after dominating the Spring Split and then making the finals against SKT at the Mid-Season Invitational, there are all kinds of questions surrounding G2. Luckily, G2’s mid laner “Perkz” took to reddit to do an AMA. Here are his best questions and answers.

Perkz on His Interaction with SKT Peanut.

Perkz Peanut

Perkz on His Toughest Opponent and How to Compete with Korea.

Perkz Hardest Player

Perkz on His Coaches

Perkz on Coaches

Perkz on the Best EU Mid Laners. 

Perkz on Top 3 Eu Mids

Perkz on the Meme that Surrounds Him. 

Perkz on Meme

If you haven’t seen the “clever” meme, it goes something like this…


My Ryze is bad

My Azir is worse

You guessed it right

I’m G2 Perkz.


It’s quite a lovely rhyme.

As for G2, they start their season Friday against Roccat. The team that beat them to ruin their perfect season. It was also their only series loss in Europe in over a year. Nonetheless, G2 esports has won 3 consecutive splits since they entered the EU LCS in Spring of 2016. However, week one will present a unique challenge as Trick and Expect are in Korea to be with family and friends following the Mid-Season Invitational. They will start substitute top laner and jungler Rosendo “Send0o” Fuentes and Victor “loulex” Burgevin in their place. Loulex has plenty of LCS experience as he’s played for H2K, the Unicorns of Love and FC Schalke. Regardless of the substitutes, along with Perkz they’ll still have Mithy and Zven holding down the bot lane.