Giants Gaming Gets Screwed By In-Game Bug

Giants Gaming Gets Screwed By In-Game Bug
  • Matt Hempstead

Apparently an 8k gold lead and two infernal drakes wasn’t enough.

Giants Gaming were up 1-0 in their series against Team Vitality and had a great start to game two. With a large gold lead at 25 minutes, the game was suddenly paused. Apparently, there was a bug in which players were unable to see Orianna’s ball. Following a lenghty discussion by the officials, it was decided that the game would be remade despite the large lead held by Giants Gaming.

This led to a series of tweets.

Giants Coach, Lozark, definitely didn’t hold back his opinion on the decision.

With Nukeduck on Orianna, Riot decided that Team Vitality was the disadvantaged team in this scenario and the rule dictates that the disadvantaged team gets to decide on whether or not they want a remake. Of course, a team that is down as much as VIT was would accept a remake and get a fresh start. That rule is only void if the lead meets certain conditions but according to Riot officials, the game was not ‘over’.

Of course, to make matters worse for Giants Gaming, Team Vitality went on to win game 2. The series of events undoubtedly had an effect on the status of the player. Almost predictably, Vitality then won game 3 as well. A series that should have gone the way of Giants Gaming was unfortunately thrown away because of a bug that was reported two months ago.

In the first match-up between C9 and FlyQuest, a game changing bug occurred in which Miss Fortune’s ultimate was blocked by a minion. Rather than a remake, Riot used new technology called the “Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool” to rewind the game back to before the bug. Apparently that technology isn’t yet available in Europe and it cost Giants a win.