How Team Dignitas Can Win The NALCS Playoffs

How Team Dignitas Can Win The NALCS Playoffs
  • Matt Hempstead

Disclaimer: Yes it’s unlikely but here’s how the lowest seed in the playoffs get it done.

Step 1: Survive the Early Game

This isn’t a team that relies on early aggression. Although capable of sub-30 minute victories, Dignitas rarely strikes first. They have a first blood rate of just 40.9% and a first tower rate of 45.5%. Despite that, they’re constantly able to crawl back from the small early deficits and out-duel their opponents. If they can get through the early laning phase, specifically on the bot side of the map, without giving up a large gold lead then DIG is in a good spot.

Step 2: Play around the top-side of the map.

For DIG to do well, Ssumday and Chaser have to play well. If that means, first-picking junglers such as Lee Sin/Rengar then so be it. This split Ssumday has thrived on tanks. He’s played a tank in nearly 75% of his games with a 70% win rate on his most played champion in Nautilus. Chaser loves to play around mid and top and if he can get Ssumday even a marginal lead, the Korean top laner will likely snowball that into a large advantage.

Step 3: LOD and Xpecial need to step up.

In recent weeks they have. LOD has become more of a play-maker in the bottom lane with Xpecial backing him up with years of experience. They don’t need to be stellar, but they can’t be a hindrance either. The ADC meta has some carry potential which means less Jhin/Varus and more Ezreal/Lucian.

Step 4: Don’t throw at Baron.

Yes it’s a meme but it’s still accurate. They’ve done a better job of late but early in the season they struggled around Nashor. The objective is crucial to closing out games and against high-tier opponents, Dignitas’ vision and split-second decision making need to be on point.

Step 5: Keane needs to be consistent.

He can’t be great one game and feeding the next. The current meta just screams ‘Keane’. Nearly everything is playable and Keane has always been known to have a large champion pool. His impact from game to game differs but if he plays safe and backs up Chaser during invades and ganks, then Dignitas has a chance.

For the #6 seed, it’ll be tough to run the gauntlet and win the NA crown but entering the season, Dignitas was a team that had a lot of hype. The roster is undoubtedly stacked with talent and are one of the hotter teams in the NA LCS. With communication being less of a concern and chemistry being built, DIG is a dangerous team not just in the playoffs but in the summer split.