KT Rolster Pull Off The Perfect Game Against Samsung

KT Rolster Pull Off The Perfect Game Against Samsung
  • Matt Hempstead

‘Perfect game’ is generally a baseball term in which all batters from one team are retired in order with no one reaching base. In the modern era of baseball there have only been 21 perfect games, the most recent by Felix Hernandez in August of 2012. The term is also used in eSports, specifically in League of Legends, and it’s a feat that is nearly just as rare as in baseball.

One team needs to win the game without giving up a single kill or objective. And that’s exactly what KT Rolster did to Samsung Galaxy. KT is a team that is extremely hyped up (maybe overly so) after they signed Smeb, Mata, Deft and PawN in the off-season to create a super-team of sorts. Not a 2011 Philadelphia Eagles super-team but more in line with the present day Golden State Warriors.

They’ve yet to lose and just embarrassed a solid Samsung team. In game 1 against SSG, KT only needed 30 minutes to perfectly topple Samsung in one of the cleanest games you’ll ever see. Here’s the highlights in case you missed it.

KT nearly followed that up with yet another perfect victory. Game two only lasted 24 minutes but Samsung were at least able to accumulate 3 kills and a single turret. If this doesn’t get you excited for the week 6 match-up between KT and the reigning World Champions SKT1, I don’t know what will.