NA LCS Semi Finals Predictions

NA LCS Semi Finals Predictions
  • Matt Hempstead

Four teams remain in the NA LCS and yes somehow FlyQuest is one of them. For FLY and Phoenix1, they have a much tougher challenge this week than the inconsistent squads in CLG and Dignitas. When it’s all said and done, it’s tough to envision a scenario where it’s not Cloud9 versus Team SoloMid in the finals.

Team SoloMid vs. FlyQuest

It didn’t seem like FlyQuest had a chance against CLG yet once again, Hai pulls off another reverse-sweep to keep his team alive. Mind you, CLG helped out massively with a throw for the ages in game 5.

There are two different iterations of FLY. The one where they push the aggression and find success, and the one where they play re-actively and fall behind. If they’re to have any chance of beating TSM, they’ll need to pressure them early and often. Expect Moon to attempt early ganks, partnered with Hai roams or Balls teleports. And of course, FLY needs to stay away from their crazy picks like Maokai/Mordekaiser bot lane.

With that said, TSM will likely be ready and expecting some early antics. Across the board, TSM has stronger lanes than FLY. Hauntzer will bully Balls, Bjergsen will handle Hai and the bot lane will do just enough to garner an advantage. It’ll be up to FLY to try and pick winning lanes and accrue an early advantage. Team SoloMid may drop game 1 as they’ve done so many times during the regular season but their ability to adjust mid series give them an immediate advantage. This set shouldn’t go any further than 3-1 and very well may be a 3-0 sweep for TSM.


Cloud9 vs. Phoenix1

Keep an eye on the bot lane in this one. Sneaky and Smoothie against Arrow and Stunt is a very polarizing match-up that will determine the outcome of this series. Arrow has been in MVP talks for his ability to team fight and carry games but I see the C9 bot lane as the superior duo during the laning phase. No disrespect to the P1 duo but the BoRK meta is a prime time for Sneaky to help Cloud 9 take down the NA crown. The wildcard in this series will be the substitutes. Cloud9 can use Ray in the top lane to bring more of a split push style to the squad. Phoenix 1 can answer by plugging in Meteos or Shady though they seem satisfied with running Inori and Stunt for the majority of the games.

I have this series going the distance. The jungle and top lane match-ups are up in the air but C9 has the edge in mid and bot as well as on a macro scale. Give me Cloud9 in 5.