Origen And Roccat Just Played The Worst Match Ever

Origen And Roccat Just Played The Worst Match Ever
  • Matt Hempstead

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I tuned in to Origen vs. Roccat…

Origen hadn’t won a single game all split and had an 0-7 record. Roccat were also 0-7 but they’d at least won 2 games. No match-up had been more hyped (oozing with sarcasm) as these two teams at the bottom the standings faced off. Someone had to walk away with the W, though at times it seemed like no one would.

Game 1: If you have over an hour to kill then go ahead and watch this game, though I don’t recommend it. The game was dead even until the 40 minute mark. That’s when Origen picked up an elder dragon and followed it up with Baron. You would think that’d be enough to speed up the game. You’d be incorrect. The game lasted nearly 78 minutes with OG getting 5 Barons and 4 elder drakes. The game only had a combined 19 kills but eventually it ended with OG winning their first game of the spring split.

Unfortunately, there were more games…

Game 2: At least this time there were kills. Roccat won a team fight at 20 minutes and snowballed it into a 6k gold lead 20 minutes later. OG, despite trailing for most of the game, used 3 barons and several messy team fights to actually hold a gold lead at 49 minutes. Regardless, VIT won a fight around Baron and were able to push through the base and force a game 3. Hooray…

Game 3: The cleanest game of the series saw Roccat utilize Ziggs ADC to siege down turrets and finish off OG in just 30 minutes.

After it’s all said and done, that match-up had it all. Exceedingly long games, poor team-fighting, the inability to close with Baron, etc. The point being, that may have been the worst LoL series I’ve ever witnessed.