Origen Breaks A Record You Don’t Want To Break

Origen Breaks A Record You Don’t Want To Break
  • Matt Hempstead

The 2017 EU LCS Spring Split is six weeks deep and there’s a massive discrepancy between the teams at the top and bottom of the standings. The bottom four teams are currently a combined 2-26 in terms of matches. For Origen, they’ve contributed to that with their 0-7 record. But their performance is even worse than their record indicates. They may be 0-7 in the best of 3 series but they haven’t won a single game all split. In other words, they’ve lost every series 0-2.

Their 14th straight loss came against the Misfits this past weekend which set a new EU LCS record for the longest losing streak. The old record belonged to the DragonBorns who lost 13 straight back in 2013 and were relegated out of the LCS shortly after. Origen now has a longer losing streak than the team that is best known for this…

For OG, it’s been a messy week. They parted ways with their support “Hiiva”, and brought in xPeke to fill the void. xPeke has stepped in for OG before to play ADC or mid when the roster has been struggling in the past, but his support play was questionable at best. He went 1/10/8 in OG’s two losses and was constantly caught out of position. No team has ever gone a full split without a win but this iteration of Origen is certainly capable of doing so. They only have 5 matches left with a roster in shambles that hasn’t experienced winning on the LCS stage.

Origen’s mid laner “NaeHyun” has a unique record of his own. He has the longest losing streak in professional League of Legends history with 31 straight defeats dating back to his time with Team KungFu of the LSPL in China.