Possible Replacements For Doublelift on Team Liquid

Possible Replacements For Doublelift on Team Liquid
  • Matt Hempstead

No one expected Doublelift no go back to Team Liquid but it’s already official, DL has re-united with Team SoloMid. The man that Liquid brought in to “save the split” is now gone and leaves a massive void in the TL bot lane. The lack of an AD Carry along with questions at mid and support leave Team Liquid in an interesting spot. They’ve already parted ways with Adrian leaving Matt as the only support. Piglet was very hit or miss in his time in the mid lane…

Matt Hempstead of Shot Callers esports and Matt Best of WWG broke down the team and predict who may join Liquid come the summer split.

Yes, WildTurtle is said to remain on TSM and will split time with Doublelift but clearly, DL is the better marksman. It’s hard to foresee a scenario where TSM would take out Double just to sub in Turtle. With that said, WildTurtle has left TSM before and it could very well happen again if he doesn’t get his starting time. The logical destination for him would be Liquid as it’s the only team in the NA LCS without a starting ADC.

Another possible name is FORG1VEN who announced he’d be playing in the Greek League of Legends league and would be open to playing competitively again, just not in Europe. FORG1VEN would be an automatic upgrade for the team as he’s mechanically one of the best to ever play but his problem has always been his teamwork. Whether with H2K, Gambit, SK, it always came out that he was difficult to play with as his ego is sometimes overbearing. For a team in Liquid that has a history of players with toxic behaviour, they may not be open to a player who has a background riddled with controversy.

The other glaring question is in the mid lane. Piglet seemed like a band-aid rather than a permanent solution as he was often man-handled by LCS opponents. It’s possible they move him back to ADC and elect to find a new mid laner instead. Either way it seems unlikely that Piglet will be the starting mid come summer.