RockyNoHands: The Gamer Who Can Beat You With His Mouth

RockyNoHands: The Gamer Who Can Beat You With His Mouth
  • Matt Hempstead

Controllers, joy sticks, mouse and keyboard. There are several ways that someone can choose to play their favourite video game.

One similarity… they all require the use of hands.

For Rocky Stoutenburgh, that no longer became an option. At the age of 19, a freak accident left Rocky a tetraplegic and he lost the ability to use his arms. His hands-on lifestyle was sure to change and his love for playing video games was bound to pass by the way-side.

But his brother stumbled across a device that would allow Rocky to keep doing what he loved. The Quadstick is a hands-free way to play video games and only requires your mouth to play. It comes equipped with a joystick, a series of sip/puff pressure sensors and a lip position sensor.


With those options, each output can be mapped for a certain action and customized in-game. It may seem limited but the device allows Rocky, aka RockyNoHands, to have around 32 different commands. Not using standard gaming gear doesn’t restrict Rocky whatsoever as he continues to rack up Chicken Dinner after Chicken Dinner in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Although hesitant to the re-formed joystick at first, RockyNoHands has since mastered the device, claiming that he’s the best in the World with the Quadstick. His hesitation derived from his hatred of being bad at something. Well, it’s safe to say that he’s rather good with the Quadstick. Whether it’s PUBG, NHL, or one-player story mode games RockyNoHands excels at them all, but he prefers the multiplayer platforms so that he can say he beat you with his mouth.


RockyNoHands doesn’t just game in the confines of his home anymore. Now, he’s joined the ranks of people streaming on Twitch and is inspiring the masses with his persistence and never give-up attitude. The devastating accident would have demoralized many but Rocky has found a way to keep doing what he loves. And turns out he’s pretty damn good at it.