Spilled Drink Delays Competitive League Of Legends Match

Spilled Drink Delays Competitive League Of Legends Match
  • Matt Hempstead

Don’t cry over spilled milk they say. But when it comes to spilled drinks on your keyboard during competitive play? Lets just pause the game for a second please.

We’ve seen some crazy long delays when it comes to eSports. Decisions over whether or not a remake should be implemented can result in an hour long wait. Quite often players have issues with their equipment that needs to be resolved. Heck, sometimes players just need to use the bathroom.

On Sunday, Team SoloMid was facing Phoenix1 in a match where TSM could lock up first place. Just part way through game 1 there was an unusual reason for a delay.

TSM’s top laner “Hauntzer” spilled his drink all over his equipment and himself. Much like in basketball when a ringside assistant brings in the mop to clean sweat off the hardwood, the LCS crew comes flying in with paper towels to handle the self-inflicted disaster. Shout out to the camera crew for catching this entire fiasco on camera.

Luckily for the audience along with Hauntzer’s pride, the incident was taken care of in under 30 seconds as the game got underway.

Perhaps this event will propel the LCS to look into drink stands or arm-rest drink holders. With the technology available to us anything is possible.