The Battle Of Korean Telecom Companies Never Disappoints

The Battle Of Korean Telecom Companies Never Disappoints
  • Matt Hempstead

I’ve never done business with either company in terms of phone plans or cellular devices, but their League of Legends teams are a pleasure to watch. This past week, SKT and KT Rolster finally met on the rift (twice) after being acknowledged as the two best teams in the LCK. After KT loaded up in the off-season, one of League’s greatest rivalries is back and there’s simply no better match-up when it comes to intensity and level of play. The first match-up went the way of SKT… but just barely. The two teams split the first two games leaving the all or nothing game 3. A bloodbath that went beyond the 50-minute mark nearly went KT’s way.

Following that base defense, SKT sprinted to KT’s base and ended the game but it wasn’t before they accumulated an unheard of 41 kills.

In the most recent match-up, the two teams once again split the opening two games. Game 2 went heavily in KT Rolster’s favor but the best player in the world still made an insane play while down nearly 10k gold.

SKT picked up Peanut in the off-season but after a shaky first two games, they subbed in back-up jungler Blank who was apart of their Worlds run in 2016. With Blank starting, SKT were once again able to knock of KT by a score of 2-1.

The two best teams in League of Legends going head-to-head has resulted in two of the best sets of the year. The two teams won’t play for the rest of the regular season but it’s rather likely they’ll meet in the LCK finals, or in the Grand Finals of Worlds 2017.