Unicorns of Love Go All or Nothing…Get Nothing

Unicorns of Love Go All or Nothing…Get Nothing
  • Matt Hempstead

The EULCS had a star-studded match up between G2 esports and the Unicorns of Love. The winner would remain undefeated on the 2017 Spring Split.

Now, historically UOL has been a team that does things differently. In the past, they’ve picked weird champions and have played in ‘chaos’ style. To a certain degree, they’ve gone back to that method this split with Xerxe playing Warwick and Rumble in the jungle, champions that no other professional jungler touches. In game 2 against G2, they really embraced the ‘chaos’ style and with an open nexus, the entire UOL squad ignored all of G2 and tried to finish the game.

Vizicsacsi begins the madness by teleporting into the enemy base in full vision. As he does so, the rest of UOL enters the base through Ryze’s ultimate and funnels towards the nexus. Samux and Exileh are dropped early on with Hylissang following shortly after. At the end of it all, UOL was one auto attack short of ending the game and forcing a game 3.

The call was no doubt questionable as UOL had the map advantage with the bottom inhibitor down. G2 also had an active elder dragon buff which allowed them to melt through the Unicorns. Rather than remaining patient and methodical, UOL forced the issue and ended up losing the game, and the series 2-0.

General manager and team mascot Khagneur was less than pumped by the failed backdoor attempt.