Watch These Amazing Race Contestants Wrecked By Street Fighter V Pros

Watch These Amazing Race Contestants Wrecked By Street Fighter V Pros
  • Matt Hempstead

As a frequent watcher of the Amazing Race turned occasional, I now tune in just to see where the show takes them and to find out which team is the obnoxious one that yells a lot. As the show came down to its final four teams, turns out they went to Korea and were given a legitimately impossible task. Usually teams have to scale down a mountain or eat some sort of local cuisine but at a ‘Road Block’, teams were put up against Street Fighter V pros and couldn’t advance until them beat them.

It might seem extreme, but that’s comparable to racing Usain Bolt. It’s just not going to happen unless some sort of freak accident were to occur. For these SFV pro players, the game isn’t just a hobby. It’s a career. They practice for hours daily to make sure they’re at their best come competition time.

To give the unfortunate teammate given the impossible task any hope of leaving the country of Korea, the pros were eventually handicapped periodically. First, the pro was limited to just one hand. Of course, that still wasn’t enough as most of the contestants had never touched a joystick and keypad before.

After the one-handed whooping, the pros were then blindfolded and eventually, after several attempts every team was able to topple the young Korean gamers.

Of course it wasn’t without frustration. Despite the never-ending apologies of one of the SFV professionals, Tara’s teammate Joey was awfully harsh when talking about the young pro from the audience.

“A little egocentric bastard that wants to beat up on a girl.”

Sure, the 30 plus games of SFV were ruthless but the pro gamer was definitely paid/instructed to go all-out on whomever he was paired with.

Nonetheless, the scene of all these contestants trying to take on professionals at Street Fighter V was both hilarious and tragic. But it puts everything into perspective. These esports pros are no joke.