Will WildTurtle Make FlyQuest Too Aggressive?

Will WildTurtle Make FlyQuest Too Aggressive?
  • Matt Hempstead

Fourth place was unexpected from a team that appeared to be in the running for last in the NA LCS. A hot start and aggressive shot-calling delivered FlyQuest into the playoffs, where they turned aside Counter Logic Gaming before getting steamrolled by TSM in the semis. Going into the summer split, FLY elected only to make one roster move. They brought in WildTurtle from Team SoloMid after they got their star ADC in Doublelift back.

The move is a curious one as the AD Carry position was solid for FlyQuest last split. Altec was quietly in the top half of the NA LCS marksman in spring and his 3.82 KDA was third behind only Arrow and Sneaky. On top of that, Altec had a higher kill participation and damage per minute than WildTurtle. Instead of sticking with Altec, who was their most consistent performer, Flyquest elected to go with a familiar face. WildTurtle played with Hai, Balls and Lemonnation back in the end of 2012 when they were a part of Quantic Gaming.

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FlyQuest must be looking for a style change as WildTurtle definitely brings a more aggressive approach which has been both a blessing and a curse to the two-time former TSM ADC. At the Mid-Season Invitational, Turtle’s positioning was continuously brought into question as he looked out of sorts against international talent.

Earlier this month, it looked like FlyQuest was going to acquire Freeze, a guy who spent last split playing for Tempo Storm in the NA Challenger Series. Known for his love of Draven and Kalista, Freeze would also have been a more aggressive option over Altec. Yet Altec provides something that the rest of FlyQuest’s roster struggles with. The ability to pick and choose spots. He may come across as a passive player on the LCS stage but he intelligently picks his spots and turns on the aggression when he finds it suitable. With the WildTurtle acquisition, FlyQuest is going all in on aggression.