Apparently Trash-Talking Is Still Alive in League of Legends

Apparently Trash-Talking Is Still Alive in League of Legends
  • Matt Hempstead

At the beginning of League of Legends, trash talking occurred on a much more frequent basis than it does now. TSM and CLG would always bicker before and after matches, largely fueled by Dyrus and Doublelift. Dyrus eventually retired and Doublelift pulled back on calling people trash which left a void in the NA LCS. When Doublelift returned to the LCS as a member of Team Liquid, he didn’t waste much time when he said they’d easily take down Team Envy.

At the end of the video he then proceeds to jokingly call Imaqtpie ‘trash’.

Speaking of trash, that’s the exact word that Team Dignitas ADC LOD used to describe a certain Team Envy player. Sorry Envy, you’re not getting a lot of love these days.

In addition to referring to Seraph as discarded matter, LOD then bashes the entire team stating that teams are likely to win games even when Envy has the lead. To be fair to LOD, that last point is more fact than insult as Envy is still bringing up the rear in NA. Their 3-13 record is good enough for last in the NA LCS with just one week left to play.

I’m pretty sure if you asked LOD, or Doublelift for that matter, they’d both predict that Envy will stay as the standing’s bottom dwellers. With a few choice words thrown in of course.