How To Get Your Hands On The SNES Classic

  • Matt Best

In case you haven’t heard – throwbacks are all the rage.

First came the NES Classic Edition that you either had to overpay for on Ebay, line up outside your local game store in hopes of a shipping truck coming or truly become an internet warrior and pinpoint the exact time retailers would receive more stock.

Building off the success and hype they had with the first system, Nintendo moved onto another classic console with the SNES Classic. You can literally plug this bad-boy into your TV via HDMI and get 21 of your favorite SNES games in “HD” (You can only make 16-bit games kind of HD).

Nintendo initially killed off the NES Classic because they didn’t intend for it to have a long shelf life. It was highly successful and could’ve kept on selling out. That being their only flaw in terms of sales, Nintendo has said they plan on selling “significantly more” SNES Classic’s compared to the NES Classic, something fans will certainly love.

Even with Nintendo saying they’ll create more SNES Classics to match the demand, it’s still going to be damn near impossible to get your hands on one of these unless you become super resourceful. The consoles are set to ship on September 29, but pre-orders are what you need to be looking for right now.

Your top option is to pre-order online and keep tabs with the website NowInStock.Net. This website will track where the console is locally and will send you updates as soon as the pre-order sales are live. You can also see how much they’re selling for at various locations.

Your second option is a little needier. Okay, a lot needier. Pick up a phone and call whoever it is (Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Toys R US) right when they open. Ask them if their pre-order sales are live yet. Be that person. It’s a hell of a commitment but it works. Best Buy and Amazon went live this morning with their pre-orders (by accident) and the rumor mill has it that the remaining stores will launch their pre-orders in the next 24 hours.

Even if you miss out on the first wave of pre-orders, NowInStock.Net is still your best bet to stay on top of the console without sacrificing hours of your life each day. You’ll want to save those hours for Super Mario World or Starfox.