Team SoloMid Still On-Top: NA LCS Power Rankings

Team SoloMid Still On-Top: NA LCS Power Rankings
  • Matt Hempstead

Team Envy is tied for first, Phoenix 1 is straight up last, and TSM and C9 mind themselves in the middle of the pack. NA has been nothing short of unpredictable through two weeks but it doesn’t necessarily show in the power rankings…

1. Team SoloMid

Why is TSM number 1 despite having a 2-2 record with losses to Immortals and Dignitas? Because no other team has shown consistent dominance through two weeks. CLG was the only team that could be considered better but their loss to TSM makes it impossible to put CLG higher. TSM just got off MSI and had a roster change. Yes, Doublelift played with these teammates before but it still takes time to adjust to the meta and sort out communications. With that said, I still believe TSM to be the best team in NA.

2. Counter Logic Gaming

CLG Dardoch img

The first of two teams that I feel can dethrone TSM, CLG usually starts off slow but with Dardoch this is an entirely different team. In week 1, Dardoch was shaky and trying to force the action. Something quite understandable considering he was debuting for a new team. He settled down in week two and showed that he can carry games from the jungle. Besides Dardoch, the champion pool of every CLG member gives them a huge advantage over other teams. Not everyone can pull off Fiora mid, a seemingly strange pick but one that made a lot of sense in countering what TSM was trying to do.

3. Cloud 9

Week two wasn’t perfect for C9 but with a 4-0 game record it’s a vast improvement over week one. Impact returned to the team allowing C9 to re-incorporate their top lane substitute strategy that worked so well in spring. Yes, they’re 2-2 but with their talented roster, C9 will overcome the slow start to finish top 3 at the end of that day. The meta is perfect for Sneaky and he’s shown the ability to perform on champs such as Xayah and Kennen.

4. Team Dignitas

DIG img

In DIG’s first split together it was understandable for them to have inconsistencies. It was a brand new roster with two members from Korea. But now, with comms being less of an issue, their individual talent is beginning to show. Ssumday is right up there in the conversation of ‘best top laner in NA’ and the new support ‘Big’ has stepped in nicely. The loss to TL is concerning but DIG likely spent most of their week preparing for TSM… and it paid off.

5. Immortals

With a 3-1 start, it looks like management knew what they were doing when they swapped Dardoch for Xmithie. He may not carry games like Dardoch, but he definitely sets up others to do so. Specifically Pobelter and Flame. Mind you, they both had ‘Aha!’ moments in spring but came up empty the week after. That’s partially what we saw in week two as they failed to pick up a win against Envy.

6. Echo Fox

I wasn’t initially sold on FOX’s decision to only scrim within the organization, but with early success, they may be onto something. I know Echo Fox went 0-2 this week but they outplayed C9 in the early game and lost those matches due to some poor calls around Baron. It was a similar story with CLG. Sure they lost both sets but hanging tough with 2 of the top 3 teams in NA is a positive thing for FOX.

7. Team Envy

Yes, Envy is 3-1 but don’t get too excited. Their wins came over IMT, P1 and TL. Add on that Lira looked borderline awful against Team Liquid and there are still some holes to be fixed. However, when it comes to communication, they seem to be on the same page. Something that wasn’t the case back in spring. Also, the bot lane of Apollo and Hakuho appear to have stepped up their game. Envy should be able to stay out of the bottom 3.

8. FlyQuest

Speaking of bottom 3, it all starts with FlyQuest. They sputtered at the end of the spring regular season and have kept that trend going into summer. WildTurtle has not transitioned well into the FLY line-up and the team refuses to adapt to the meta. Apparently stuck in spring, FLY has gone back to picking Jhin, bot lane Ziggs and Hai’s talon.. All picks that you rarely see from other teams.

9. Team Liquid

TL sad img

Surprisingly, the debacle that is TL somehow snagged a win over Team Dignitas. Goldenglue was serviceable and Piglet finally backed up his unnecessary self-indulgence with two solid Caitlyn games. If Piglet can continue to carry games in a meta where AD Carries are relevant, then TL can pick up a few more wins. Otherwise it’s looking rather bleak as Reignover is still M.I.A.

10. Phoenix 1

It’s been amazing in a tragic way to see Arrow go from a part of the best bot lane in NA to possibly the worst through 2 weeks. Part of that falls on the jungler, where Inori has been a ghost in multiple games. So much so that P1 dragged Meteos off the bench and although he performed better, it still left much to be desired from the jungle position. If P1 doesn’t get it together, NA will be sending their worst team to Rift Rivals…