The Akaadian Story: Featuring Rick Fox And A Mustang

The Akaadian Story: Featuring Rick Fox And A Mustang
  • Matt Hempstead

Every now and then, Riot Games (the creators of League of Legends) do a profile on individual players called “Drive”. More often than not, they’re quite good pieces that illustrate a pro gamers journey to the big stage. However, most recently they did a piece on Akaadian that was rather over the top.

Akaadian made a splash last split with Echo Fox. He was in the ‘rookie of the split’ discussion and made a huge impact out of the FOX jungle. The piece, pushing to the side his rise to stardom, revolved around making Akaadian look rather wealthy. Walking around the coastline in summer apparel and then getting into a Mustang and driving it down the freeway. Sure several League of Legends pros get paid quite well, but I doubt it’s to the point where a brand new LCS jungler owns his own sportscar.

If not for a couple of spectacular responses from team owner Rick Fox, this episode of “Drive” would be a borderline farce which literally enforces the theme of ‘driving’ into the video.

Not knocking the series of videos that I usually enjoy, but the over the top production value really takes away from the story of a pro hitting that rookie wall.