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The Most Heartwarming CS:GO Moments Of 2017

  • Zorine Te


It sure has been a rollercoaster year for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Between all the bad behaviour and crazy drama, the world can sometimes feel like a pretty toxic place. But it’s also important to remember that a lot of good things have happened too.

In the spirit of positivity, I’m strolling down memory lane to remember some of the most heartwarming CS:GO moments that have happened this year


5. Steel joins Team Liquid

At number five, we have Lucas “steel” Lopes joining Team Liquid. It’s easy to like steel; the guy seems to be always smiling and has maintained his cheerful persona throughout interviews and in games. Even his teammates have described him as a hype man.

When the Immortals CS:GO team drama went down and the other members left an innocent steel and Ricardo “boltz” Prass behind, it seemed like a really unfortunate scenario for the remaining members.


To see two players who seemingly had nothing to do with their teammates’ bad behaviour be punished was unfair. So when Team Liquid announced that they would be picking up steel for its CS:GO roster, the move was widely celebrated.

Team Liquid members have spoken openly about the positivity steel has brought to the squad, and he’s also been looking pretty happy lately. Aww!


4. Silver Snipers CS:GO team announcement

It was at DreamHack Winter where a new kind of CS:GO team made their debut. One that is very different to the rest of the competition, for a reason you would not expect.

Named the Silver Snipers, the team’s lineup consists entirely of seniors citizens; the youngest player is 62 and the oldest player is 81. Now, I’m all for saying “Age is just a number!” but when the CS:GO player demographic is so skewed towards young people, seeing this team pop up is inspiring.

They’ve also put in some serious practice effort, with the announcement revealing that each team member has clocked around 50 to 80 hours in-game. They’re also coached by Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson, a former Counter-Strike pro who has played on SK Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Unfortunately they didn’t win any games at DreamHack, but some of them did say in an interview that they felt really appreciated the event and felt like the gaming community showed them a lot of love.

Way to go, Silver Snipers!



3. FalleN reaching out to SK Gaming fan

Often dubbed a pioneer of Brazil’s CS:GO scene, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s nice guy actions come in next on our list.

It all started at the BLAST Pro Series tournament in Copenhagen. During the grand finals, an SK Gaming fan had an on-camera interview. He made pretty bold statements in front the arena’s home crowd who were cheering for Astralis, saying that SK Gaming would win and turn the place into a library.

FalleN saw the interview and made a post on Twitter asking for the fan’s name so that he could send him to the EPL finals in Odense as an official guest of SK, offering to pay for the flight tickets.

I can only imagine how that guy felt, not only getting to interact with his favorite team but also being invited to an event as their official guest? Way to go, good guy FalleN.



2. Blurrr’s community tournament

This next moment comes from a community member known as Blurrr, a CS:GO player who had lost his 15-year-old friend to suicide. To honor the memory of his friend and spread awareness for mental health, Blurrr put together a charity tournament.

At first, the tournament didn’t get much attention. But when he shared a post on the GlobalOffensive sub-Reddit asking for support and for sign-ups, the community responded in full.

Enough players signed up to form 20 teams, and the post even caught the attention of ECS organizer FaceIt, who offered its support for the tournament. Several casters also got in on the action, volunteering to commentate.

In fact, the post gained so much traction it ended up on the front page of r/all, not an easy feat. Due to its popularity, Blurrr said that he would be organizing a version of the tournament for North America.

Mental health is a serious and important issue and it was really nice to see the community come together and support such a great cause for charity.



1. CS:GO streamer Loop

Finally, one of the most moving moments to hit the CS:GO community features Loop, a passionate CS:GO player who suffers from a rare genetic disease that makes him to be unable to feel physical pain.

Complications from this have made him legally blind and partially deaf as well, but that hasn’t stopped his passion for gaming. However, his condition has led to him being poorly received in online games, perhaps by gamers who mistook his speech impediment for trolling.

The video of one particular incident where he was unfairly kicked from an online match was posted to Reddit, highlighting his struggles, but more importantly, his persistence and his passion for CS:GO.

Needless to say, the post blew up, attracting the attention of various high-profile CS:GO players and streamers. Loop’s livestream gained a huge following, and supporters poured in with monetary donations to help with the cost of his surgeries.


The whole ordeal led to Loop being offered a streaming contract from esports organization EnvyUs, who he is still streaming with today. The whole ordeal definitely highlighted just how powerful and giving the CS:GO community can be.

That rounds up my list, hope you enjoyed reliving some of these moments as much as i enjoyed reliving them. It just goes to show that good things still happen, right?

Thank you for your support of Esports Network, hope you all had a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all next year!